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The Best Pets and Aquariums shop in Dubai with years of experience, from aqua scaping to pet food we have all your pet needs. Exotic Fishes, Pet Food , Royal canin Cat & Dog, Aquariums etc.

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The largest shrimp collection in town. Available in many stunning patterns and colors. Enjoy our special Shrimp delivery by a purchase

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Famous Pets and Aquariums

The best pet fish shop in Dubai is Famous pets and aquariums. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and we are the most trusted name when it comes to pet fishes, aquariums & pet supplies. Our customers can avail the services of our experts for any kind of queries related to pet world or how to take care of their pets. We have all kind of accessories needed for the aquarium setup or keeping pets. 

We offer a wide range of exotic pet fishes which includes Arowana, tetras, goldfish, koi, and more. We also provide you with tanks, filters, food pellets and other products that are required for keeping your fish healthy and happy. Famous pets and aquariums is willing to handle the grunt labour whether you’re just getting started or have been taking care of your own tank for years.

 Simply relax and dive in the beauty of an aquarium that has been kept up to date. Allow us to perform the water changes, remove the algae, look after your filtration system, maintain the highest possible level of water purity. our expert aquarium care service let you enjoy yourself without anxiety of maintaining the aquarium all by yourself.

 Expert aquarium care services let you enjoy yourself without anxiety.

Looking to add something classy and lovely to your house or workplace? The ultimate focus point for your living room or office can be a bright aquarium loaded with vibrant and unique fishes and other sea creatures, which creates an ambiance that is both subtle and startling. The best aquaculture services are offered by Famous Pets and Aquariums in Dubai, UAE. These services include aquarium care, Customized aquariums, and a tropical fish store with aquarium fishes. We Deliver your requirements to your home or workplace.

You get more from Famous Pets and Aquariums than just a lovely aquarium and a great range of freshwater and saltwater Fishes. Our qualified professionals visit your aquarium on a regular basis to maintain it, giving you the luxury of full-service aquarium maintenance.

Whether you want to construct your own Aquarium or want to add exotic fish to your tank, we are ready and willing to help. Come to Famous Pets and Aquariums and let us assist you in building the aquarium of your dreams.

Famous Pets and Aquariums deals in Royal Canin Cat and Dog Food also. We have all types of royal canin food available in an affordable price.


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