Our Story

Dubai’s long established aquatic retailer, with over 250 aquariums full of healthy fish, cared for by our qualified staff. Voted best overall aquatic shop in the region. When the Famous Pets opened in, it had one objective. To be the best aquatic shop in the area. Whilst there have been many changes since then we are still true to that objective. Our staff have a wealth of experience, backed by relevant qualifications to help you choose the right product for your needs, or suitable fish/coral for your aquarium.

Humble beginnings

If it’s fish you are looking for, we have a huge range with between a 100 and 150 marine species, and around 300 tropical freshwater species to choose from. All marines are hand selected, rested for 7 days and not offered for sale until we sure they healthy and feeding. Our tropical fish are supplied from just three suppliers all who we have dealt with for at least 10 years, again these are quarantined on site before being offered for sale. All fish are fed three times daily and looked after by keen fish keepers who know how to care for them.

Est. 2010        2 Shops       Pan UAE Delivery

We are not here for the short term or to make a ‘quick buck’. We do not knowingly sell a product you don’t need, or is poor quality, or advise you to stock your aquarium too quickly, we want to do what is right for you and your fish. 

Deeply rooted and passionate

We evaluate most products before we stock them, and in many cases use them, this enables us to offer first-hand experience. We know how they work, what the problems and benefits are. If a product is poor, we won’t stock it, if we get negative customer feedback or find it to be unreliable, we will discontinue it